Monday, April 16, 2012

A Deck of Cards

To some these are merely playing cards...

Soldiers Deck of Cards - Inspirational Video

To others, they mean a whole lot more.
Inspirational Card Deck 
I was very inspired by this project.
The project was posted on my
which I feature artists, DIY projects, art journals, free downloads, etc.

Since Friday...
I was asked by several of my follows if I was interested in creating 
An Inspirational Card Deck.
Are you kidding me... YES, I replied!!

I've been creating these over the weekend, thought I would share them with you.

Maybe, just maybe... you might get inspired to create a deck.

Share with others... some inspiring words!

This deck can be flipped through and placed anywhere, uplifting words right at your reach.
Such a wonderful project by 

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Happy Monday


  1. Your inspiration deck looks amazing! Beautiful And practical too. My creative mojo's taken a few days off - maybe I should have a go at making one, get my brain in creative mode again.

  2. Hello Deborah :]
    These are easy-peasy... jump start your creativity!!
    These are the same as an ATC, only words of inspiration need to be applied. Love it.

  3. Wonderful idea; I think I will try this when I have a spot of time! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Love that video! Especially love your cards as well.
    What a beautiful story of your Christmas gifts. What a lovely gift from your father and brother.
    I have started making inspiration cards - have only 5 so far. But I am making them on jumbo cards. They hold my favourite quotes to inspire me. Thanks for reminding me to get back at them!

    1. So wonderful to hear, Beverley! :]
      Glad I could "spark" your inspiration to create more cards.
      These are such a treat, for yourself as well as others.
      Enjoy your visit... so glad you stopped by!! ((hugs))

  5. The video brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Your deck of cards looks fabulous. Oh the temptation to join, but I mustn't ... I MUST STUDY!!!!!!

  7. Your inspiration cards look great...what a fun-looking project. The art teacher at the school where I used to work had his art students create altered decks of playing cards, and then offered them for sale as a fund raiser. Of course, I had to buy a deck. I love sifting through all those amazing collages and mixed-media pieces, representing so many young minds and hearts!