Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Tree Called "Eierbaum"

In German... 
this means a tree decorated with eggs at Easter!

 As a child in 1945, Volker Kaft 
saw a beautiful paschal decorated tree
(Eierbaum, Osterbaum or Ostereirbaum, in German)
in his home town.
He decided he would have one of his very own, when he grew up!

Volker's childhood dream stuck with him 
he decorated his first Easter Tree, in 1965.
He used 18 colored plastic eggs.

The Easter Tree became a family tradition,
known not only in their home town of Saalfeld, but all of Germany.

for more info on this incredible tradition.

** Happy Easter! **


  1. the tree is so spectacular I feel I must do one of my own!

  2. Wish I had a tree so I could decorate it like this! This is awesome!

  3. It looks great, doesn't it? A lot of people here in my little town have decorated trees, too, but not with so many eggs! Happy Easter, Valerie

  4. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Easter!

  5. Beautiful...and fascinating! Happy Easter, April!!

  6. Wishing you all a very blessed Easter! ((hugs))
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit, enjoy... :]

  7. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing April and Happy belated Easter! xx

  8. Wow that is incredible! thanks for sharing this:) hope you had a wonderful Easter, April!