Monday, April 16, 2012

A Deck of Cards

To some these are merely playing cards...

Soldiers Deck of Cards - Inspirational Video

To others, they mean a whole lot more.
Inspirational Card Deck 
I was very inspired by this project.
The project was posted on my
which I feature artists, DIY projects, art journals, free downloads, etc.

Since Friday...
I was asked by several of my follows if I was interested in creating 
An Inspirational Card Deck.
Are you kidding me... YES, I replied!!

I've been creating these over the weekend, thought I would share them with you.

Maybe, just maybe... you might get inspired to create a deck.

Share with others... some inspiring words!

This deck can be flipped through and placed anywhere, uplifting words right at your reach.
Such a wonderful project by 

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Happy Monday