Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AAA - Definition

    1. AAA
      abbreviation /ˌtripəl ˈā/ 

      1. American Automobile Association
        • A 1.5 volt dry cell battery size

    If you google AAA this is what you will come up with. 

    I have a whole new approach, to these three letter A's.
    I've taken on a whole new concept to what AAA means to me.

    ** An  Abstract  Attraction ** 

     Some of you might be thinking...
    "These are just scribbles!"
    "What is she getting all excited about?"

    That is okay...

    I am using visual language to freely express myself.

    A departure from reality...

    total abstraction bears no trace
     of any reference to anything recognizable. 

    Even tho, these might just be lines and scribbles to some...
    AAA has taken on a whole new meaning to me!

    Happy Tuesday!