Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee Sleeves, Please...

Mini Journal Books
Inspired by Aimee at Artsyville

Aimee, created these really cute mini journals out of coffee sleeves!
She calls them  caffeinated-mini-journals .

Of course, I had to give this a try...
I gathered up all my materials from brown paper bags,
to magazine clippings, coffee sleeves,
 glue and paint.
And away I went...

These were really fun to create!
I was very surprised on how cute these mini journals came out. 
I am very happy!

I used embroidery string to bind the pages together 
and tiny beads for an added playful touch.

Now... what to do with these?
Any suggestions?!

Also, If you haven't met Cat at 
you will want to pay her a visit,
 for she has create one of these coffee sleeve mini journals 
using her very own artistic style as well.

Happy Tuesday.