Monday, December 12, 2011

An English Proverb

~ It is not so much the gift that is given
but the way in which the gift is driven.

I have not picked up a pair of knitting needles
in over 25 years!
Yes... since I was pregnant with my first child.
I thought I forgot how to knit.

I was very determined to create something special 
for my Grandson.
I just adore our visits together.
It is as if, time stands till... I soak up all the love I can!
Pure bliss!!!


I love to share my art and creative crafts
with all my "artful" soul  friends.
Sending out mail-art, postcards, and ATC's.
Spread art love... and sprinkle it with inspiration!
It is time to create something for my Grand-baby!


Both of these booties fit in the palm of my hands!


Have a Happy Monday!


  1. He's adorable....and those booties look warm and snuggly for his tiny feet.

  2. such cute booties, and an even cuter grandson! xo hugs love them!

  3. So glad you dropped by, Bonita! :)
    Thanks... It has been awhile since I last knit anything. LOL

  4. How sweet! I don't blame you, wanting to create special things for that special little boy! Love those photos!

  5. Thank you, Andria. :)
    So glad to stopped by for a visit! *hugs*

  6. The bootees are beauties, but that little one laughing is just totally gorgeous! Bless hi little heart! Valerie

  7. Super dooper cutie patootie!! Both Him AND the booties!!


  8. Thank you, Valerie! *hugs*
    Heaven sent, this little one. <3

  9. Hello, Vanessa! :]
    So glad you dropped by for a visit. *hugs*
    Enjoy always...