Saturday, December 17, 2011

ATC's come marching in...

One... by one.

The process continues...
As I create an ATC a day, for the month of December.

I thought I would share with you...

 a few of my favorites so far.

With the theme being "winter"
I am finding this to be some what of a challenge.
Creating 31 pieces of tiny bits of artwork...
all related to winter??
Not one of my favorite seasons to begin with.
So there is some reflecting, processing, 
learning to except 
what is in front of me... on this artful journey.
 As far as for Winter... we will learn to get along!

These ATC's will all be appearing on -
 Flickr (CED2011) Set*

*need time to upload all the photos.

Happy Saturday!


  1. They are lovely, April, great idea! Valerie

  2. I'm trying to do an ATC everyday but I'm not caring if it is a winter theme or not. It's hard enough to find time do one on any theme! I'm having fun with other artwork! Have you seen these sites?

    Love your ATC's!!!

  3. What a great collection! I love that first little one with the cat.

  4. Thank you Ladies... so glad you stopped by for a visit! :]

  5. Me too... I am very drawn to the "winter" cat, ATC as well, Andria! :]
    These will all be placed in my Flickr set. (up for trade in 2012)
    Just have to find the time to upload all the pictures, the holidays are taking up a little bit of my time. *sigh*

  6. Great Karenann!! :]
    Keep going, you are half way through the month. :]
    Thank you for the links, will pay a visit. *hugs*

  7. These are adorable April! Perfect for an advent calendar to count down the days!

  8. Thank you, Theresa!
    So glad you dropped by for a visit :]
    Really like the "ADVENT" calendar ATC idea, thoughts are spinning.