Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Days / 30 ATC's

I did it!
I completed the challenge.

November Art Every Day was hosted by
Leah Piken Kolidas

The whole idea behind this project 
was to encourage others to make something every day!

Leah's goal...
was to foster more creativity into our daily lives.
That is exactly what it did!
"A soft nudge with a bit of group support" 
~ Leah stated.

When I signed up for the challenge,
 had no clue of the journey this project would take on for me!
I was challenged with more in my life...
 than just creating art everyday.

An emotional wreak, to put it lightly!
As my family dynamics decided to take a turn for the worse.
My adult children became verbally abusive over my 
past and my current marriage.

My baby Grandson was tested positive for
Cystic Fibrosis 
(we go in DEC. 15th for further testing)
* we pray he is only a carrier of this disease *
Please,say a prayer for baby Aydenn!

All of this has caused such stress and anxiety
which has placed me to be in such a huge "fibro-flair"
It has been so painful to bare!
In my previous post, 
I stated; how I all I wished to do was hide under the covers!
This project saved me, 
helped me cope with by daily challenges,
got me out of bed... and made me countable to create
something everyday.
As the days rolled by... each piece of art, craft, or ATC
that I made started to make me smile!!
I started the healing process!
A sprinkle of this...
a splat of that...
colors that made me feel happy...
creating collage pieces, that I felt worked well together...
cutting out words from magazines, 
with a spark of inspiration and a moment of reflection...
this all took place along the way, for 30 days!
for letting me share my artful journey with you.

And now...
I wish to share with you this whole collection 
which I  created in a set through Flickr. 
30 Days / 30 ATC's

 Enjoy the ATC's
Happy Thursday!