Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Review - Design*Sponge at Home

The much anticipated book by blogger 
Grace Booney of  Design *Sponge

 If you have ever visited her blog, 
which many of you have... I am sure!
It is simply amazing, to say the least.
Grace's blog has won the hearts of many, including mine.

She receives over 75,000 visits a day
has over 150,000 subscribers/followers.

If you haven't already purchased this book...
* put it on your wish list! *

Here is a little sneak-peek inside the book.
Enjoy my friends!

 So cute and clever!

I want this bathtub!

Love the teacups, such a clever idea!

Pages and pages of before and after- 
ideas and instructions on how to.

A suitcase as an end table... got to make this one day!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!