Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday- Recipe of Inspiration

Let' face it...
we are all collectors at heart.
As creative people we tend to keep a look out for things; to create our artsy projects.
 Search for the unusual, always!
Find recyclable materials we can put to good use...
and create a wonderful piece of art.
We collect :
paper scraps, ribbons, buttons,
game pieces, smooth rocks,
paper towel rolls, wire,
soup cans, cardboard...
the list goes on and on!
why not take pictures of these inspiring goodies we are collecting?
Remembering why, we were filled with such joy
to have found priceless objects...
is very inspiring in itself!
But as you know...
there is no rules to inspiration.
There might be objects around your home...
that "spark" your creativity.
Explore and research things that create that element for you.

Get a box, be creative.
Use a Rolodex. (this works well for this project)
Index cards, blank, lined or colored.
Tabs, for subject
paint, color, doodle...
Have fun with it!
Collect your pictures, recipes, sample paper, 
textures, quotes, colors...
whatever draws you in, inspires that creativity!
This is about discovering yourself
seeing the connection between the things that move you
and inspire you to be artistic.
soon to come...
I will be posting my 
recipe of inspiration.
Happy Saturday!