Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long Live Art - Cardboard Alteration

Altered Book Project
This page I decided to 
think outside the box.
As I have stated in previous posts...
there are no rules to this project
I am not limited to the use of materials needed to create the book.
Sounds good...?!
I hope so.
This page is created by merging several art elements and techniques.
There is a lot of playful discovery
original ideas taking place here as this book takes shape.
I created a template.
I discovered through this process, that working with 
corrugated cardboard can be difficult.
Not a very flexible medium.
 The challenge was met and conquered!
the page was created and given a new purpose...
of self expression.
page 7
Long Live Art

x-acto knife
acrylic paints
metallic paint
ink pen
duck tape
masking tape
Close up of the paintbrush!

This week...
escape from conventional methods and ideas.
Happy Thursday!