Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inner Child part II- Altered Cardboard Project

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent
with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.
~Henri Matisse

My rag doll.
She was handmade by my Grandpa in 1976.
My Grandpa taught me, if you can imagine it...
you can make it.
I apply that to life, even to this day!
From mud pies to paper doll houses...
My Grandpa was an incredible inspiration to me!
When I was a little girl...
I loved to color with crayons.
One day he showed me a box filled with oil pastels.
He said to me... with a great big smile, "Now, this is coloring!"
That day...
I fell in love with how smooth & rich the colors were.
We sat and drew together for hours.
A very treasured memory.
As an artistic person who loves to create...
there has been many inspirational people along the way, 
who have made a very big impact on my creative journey.

Altered Book Project
page 9

Who are the people...
that have made an impact on your creative journey?
Happy Thursday!


  1. Love this post:) My grandpa was SO important to me, too.

  2. Your Granddad was a very clever man and gave you such a lot to take on your journey. Valerie

  3. Oh this was such a sweet post! How touching..I can't believe that doll is actually MAN made! lol

    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. Yes, man made indeed! :]
    I treasure this rag doll for all its worth, heart & soul.
    *hugs* to all... thank you for visiting and sharing your comments!!

  5. I am not sure who inspired me along my creative journey. My mother loved to draw and I thought she was very talented but it was not something she did often. I had a fifth grade teacher who inspired everyone in the class. He made everyone feel special and like they could do anything they wanted to.

    I was awarded The Versatile Bloggers Award by Ana at The Artistry Collective. I would love to pass this award on to you. I enjoy reading your posts and learning more about your world of art very much. Please stop by and pick up this badge whenever you can. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love this story about your Granpa!!! And, such a warm can just tell!

  7. What a wonderful memory you have shared Gosh. I haven't had family members who encouraged me to do art or anything actually! Apart from my Nana long since gone and the mere thought of her brings me to tears 20 years later, so you can imagine what a source of love and inspiration she was to me, my sanctuary.

    So what I do have done has been self taught and what I find in books on blogs etc

    Love Dawn xx