Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday-Artfully Thinking

Your Life Is Your Art.
We can not create art without a source.
A childhood memory...
The simplicity of life.

52 paintings / 52 weeks
painting # 10
mixed media
created by
April Cole

The beauty of such a treasured memory is captured, processed...
then displayed in our art.
The nature of "honest art"
 Our greatest sources... 
the life we are living.

Our experiences can be placed on canvas.
The content of our lives should be allowed to be expressed.
Paint them out!

This painting is a collection of memories for me.
As a little girl I simply adored animal (cookies) crackers.
I found them to be so special!
It wasn't the cracker itself...
it was the box!
No other cookie came in a little box with a string handle.
A purse... I thought.
I never got to see the circus as a child growing up.
I thought it was such a magical event.
So, I believed... 
I missed out on this, as a child.
 The yellow dress...
was my favorite summer dress ever!
Those sunny summer days...
not a worry in the world.
Sitting under a tree...
 bare foot...
eating ice cream...
giggling with your best friend...
 talking about how gross boys were!
Happy Saturday!