Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Once Upon A Time...


Where do I begin?

 It would seem like "once upon a time" would be the proper start for relaunching my blog.

Though it just doesn't feel right. 

Let us just dive in with,  "Where the heck you been?" 

Like art, life can be a process too! 

Sometimes there is no outcome. A fork in the road... and I have had my share of forks!! 

There's been tears shed and growth made. 

As a result, the universe has finally pulled me back to what I do best... what calls my soul.

Crafting time and a place to have ART back in my life.



I know all are excited about my giveaway, I AM TOO!!

But wait, there is a story to be told. 

So back to "Once upon a time" remember... 


Pulled the rabbit out of the hat... 

And just like that,  I started putting together a space for my art studio.  


Like I stated, the universe pulled me in this direction... 

The events in my life led me to this time and place.

I unpacked, loved and adored everything I started to place my eyes on.

Oh, "HELLO! collage bits I have collected and carefully kept safe. You knew I would return." 

Unboxed books that were patiently awhile to be shelved. 

"AHHHHH, YES!! the smell of books... how you excite me." 

Started journaling and reading to jumpstart the fire. 

What inspires me still? 

What new things, if any? 

Still VERY passionate about creating my own paper stencils... "That's good." ((KNODS HEAD))

Dived into a little mixed-media art journaling... always my favorite "go to".


Started painting, It's been a looooooooong time. 

Having fun with this process. We will see where this goes. Who knows. 

It has just been the direction my "gut" has gone. 

As I feel, there is so much a painting can say. A story. 



100% without a shadow of a doubt... mixed media and I have not broken up. 

Still my first love. 

Now, without further ado... "Onto the celebration!!"  

What you came here for, right?  Everyone likes a little special, homemade something.

You know the plan... leave a comment along with your email address.

I will pick ((2)) winners

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 

I will follow up with the winners (email) requesting your snail mail information. 

Paper Dolls 
(altered tags/mixed media)

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