Monday, June 17, 2013


:: pixel art ::
use your favorite piece of art as inspiration for this great art project.
materials & tools:
bristol paper, canvas board, or watercolor paper ( all these will work great ) 
ruler and pencil 
acrylic paint or watercolor & brush
fame ( to hang artwork )

1. Find a piece of art or an image as inspiration.
2. Draw a grid on the image. 
** each box representing a measurement that relates to the paper ) 
For example, if the art is 8” wide and 10” tall and the canvas board is 16” by 20” – creating a ¼ grid on the art would mean each ¼” inch box (on the art) relates to ½” on the canvas board.
3. Using a pencil and ruler, lightly draw a grid on the canvas board. From the example above, the grid on the canvas board would be ½” squares.
4. Using the grid applied to the art piece as a guideline – lightly redraw the image on the canvas board.
5. Create your platte according to your image.
6. Follow your grid and continue filling in the squares with paint. 
Had a blast working on this... It was super fun!!
I was so inspired by this artwork, I plan on creating a much larger one for our new home. 
Enjoy creating one of your very own!