Monday, March 4, 2013

weathered and worn...

:: paper cutter ::
my antique Guillotine paper cutter, produced by Milton Bradley Co.  
Over the weekend, I began the process of packing up a room, 
a room that has become one of my favorite places to be. 
It had taken on a name all it's own... my studio, April Cole's Studio.
 As I take a long, hard look around... 
I see some of my favorite objects, painted paper, sketched faces on found objects,
artful creations, paintings on corrugated cardboard, incomplete artwork, 
hand-bound books, and artwork created by artists' who have become my friends.
 I wish to share with you 
a few of my favorite things along the way, like my paper cutter.
 I use it to cut all my paper. 
We have grow very attached to each other.
Just think, years ago... someone threw it out, 
leaving it on the side of a curb with a pile of junk.
I love that it is wood. The blade is still sharp and cuts clean.
 I have cut so much paper, created countless art projects, 
and it has left me with endless paper shavings for collage work. 
I do not think we could ever part.

Do you have a few favorite objects in your creative space? 


  1. Your cutter is lovely, how good that you rescued it! I love my brushes. Some are so old that they are practically hairless, but I can't part with them! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Aww... THANKS! :]
      I totally understand... paints brushes are very hard to part with.
      I have several that are over 20 years old, love them dearly... ~xx

  2. I am a hoarder at heart (unfortunately), so have too many favourites to mention. We even have a wooden guillotine that looks much the same as yours. The old things are often the best! Jx

    1. Hello Jackie
      I agree... old items, hold a special place in my heart! :]
      No worries... I am a "hoarder" too, paper, stickers, tags, thingamajigs, etc.

  3. That is one fantastic old paper cutter! I remember ones like that when I was in school...back in the Dark Ages!!

  4. I love this thing! I would've scooped it up too! I seen one at a garage sale a couple of years ago and I could just kick myself for not getting it!!

    1. Hello Lisa
      Thank you! :]
      I bet... I would too. (((LOL )) Keep your fingers crossed, you will run into another one, one day.
      Enjoy your visit. ~xx

  5. It is a wonderful tool and beautiful too as well as servicable. Sometimes the old stuff is the best.It will last you for ever!

    1. Hello Sue
      I agree... "quality" with this paper cutter... it will last me, my lifetime! :]
      Enjoy your visit. ~xx

  6. What a marvellous thing to find tossed aside as junk!! Wish I had found it. My favourite stuff is paint and pens. I LoVe them all and can't ever have enough. :)

    1. Hello Clare
      YOU BETCHA!! :]
      Paint & pens... the good stuff. ~xx

  7. That looks like such a well-made piece!