Monday, February 18, 2013

Studio Update

:: reclaim creativity ::
 born creative.
As children, we revel in imaginary play, ask outlandish questions, finger paint, scribble, and draw stick figures calling it artwork. 
We are so proud of what we have created without judgment or criticism... 
But over time, because of socialization and formal education, a lot of us start to stifle those impulses. 
We learn to be warier of judgment, more cautious, more analytical. 
This is where fear comes into play and inspiration is tossed out the wind. 
We are consumed with everyday living, deadlines, and the act of involvement; which becomes our cycle.
Family. Personal relationships. Work. Bills. Appointments. Life gets in the way, always. 

Questions start to surface... for me.
Am I wasting my time ?
Does creating anything artful make a difference ?
Does what a produce create any value to others ?  
Why should I "feel" guilty for wanting to sell my work ?
Who will want what I create ?
Will I ever be taken seriously as an artist ?
I love to teach art and dream of pursuing this online, can I ?
What is holding me back ? 
Above all... How can I keep from losing my creativity ?

I know, I know... I do it for the "LOVE OF ART!"
Yes, this is true. 
It has been my calling. A familiar feeling  "deep in my soul" I have had it all my life. 
I have had the opportunity to met some wonderful creative people, like myself, through the internet. 
My "artful" journey has been incredible thus this far... 
Building close relationships, sharing common interests, and offering artful pieces to one another - as an "expression" on my love towards others and art. 

This answers my question, " does creating art make a difference".
Here is a great example, of what started out as followers/readers of each other and our Blogs, now is an incredible friendship.
Debbie Combs - at created this incredible video featuring me, for her Facebook group - The Enchanted Imaginarium.
I so badly, wished to share it with you, today on this post! 
** would not download to Blogger, sorry. Facebook settings did not give permission.
I do want to send out a "HUGE" THANK YOU... with all my heart to you Debbie!! ~xx 

I also, have been offered the opportunity to participate in a few online e-courses! 
As a student, which I am always eager to learn... how other artists' play in their own backyard. It is very inspiring to engage with art using different styles and techniques taught by other creative people. 

:: HUGE BONUS :: this does help answer the question, "how will I stay inspired".

Online Art Class / Instructor Denni Mulligan - Angels in the Architecture

Art Workshop / Instructor Carolyn Dube - Use Your Words

During the time of taking these courses, I can not be everywhere at once.
This is just the reality of it all.
Honestly... it is difficult as times to be online, posting, editing photos, answering emails  etc. just with my day to day illness. I give it my all, truly I do... 
only to find some not as engaged towards efforts. (( sigh )) 
This causes me to feel that I am spreading myself too thin... when in reality, all I really wish to do is play, explore, and try new things. 
To share my process and experience with my readers. 
I must respect my time and space. 
My thoughts and feelings towards this subject are valid. 
With with in mind, I have decided to focus a little more art and being productive. 
Why I am sharing all of this with you? 
Perhaps I am not alone? 
There are others who feel this same way? Is is possible? 

I leave you with this thought... 
when I post on my Blog, share my art, my life, 
go to my art table to create, bring my inspiration to life;  
I am here whole-heartedly 
bring this to the table each time. 
I have a purpose. I have meaning. 


  1. Good thoughts there! The video was not available, pity! Keep well, hugs, valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Thank you for spending the time reading my "pored out thoughts"... thank you. ~xx

  2. I think we all suffer these attacks of doubt in different ways. Whenever I start having the "what's the point" crisis, I try to have faith in the ripple effect. I know how happy art makes me. When I started devoting significant time to art, I became a happier, more grounded person. And when I'm happier, my family is happier, so even though sometimes I wonder if I'm being selfish, I can remind myself of the way this benefits my whole household. And then, by posting and sharing and writing and commenting, we touch the lives of others. Here's where the leap of faith comes in - we have no real way of knowing how many people we touch. But lets say we inspire someone to try something new, and that new thing brings them so much joy it sets them on a new path, and that path brings a happiness that directly impacts their family, friends, coworkers, etc. and someone else sees that joy and has the courage to try something new, and so it continues. It's a powerful thought. Nothing that brings love and beauty into the world can ever be a waste of time. and sometimes you're going to need to pull back into yourself, to focus and learn and grow and process, to refill the well. because if you keep putting yourself out there for others without taking care of yourself, you run the risk of the joy drying up, and you step outside of that beautiful golden circle of love and influence and inspiration. See how you've got me thinking this morning? getting all philosophical and it's not even 6AM. Your thoughts touch mine, and I start my day with a sense of groundedness and empowerment and who knows who that will touch as I go through my Tuesday. so thanks!

    1. BEAUTIFUL SAID, Karen... Thank You! ~xx
      My heart is filled with these thoughts.
      I totally agree, "fill the well"... yes!!! time to pull back, just a little. :]

  3. What a wonderful post. I often think like this. I am sure we're not alone. I often disappear from blog land just to be alone & cope with my illness. And at first this racked me with guilt (how silly?) not commenting not creating enough etc And then I thought, It's too much. So I created and didn't blog I sewed and crochet. And finally I started to create for my self first. And if I share and people like then it's a bonus.

    I used to wonder what's my purpose now I have this illness, unable to work or contribute to society and how will I deal with this? I still do wonder sometimes what is my purpose? Am I good enough to sell my work? can I contribute this way? I think not. Can I teach? No I don't think I have any thing to teach in an artistic way. But I don't want to get down about things. I like what Karen has to say and in my more positive moments I really believe it.

    Like you April when I make some thing, or post or write down and idea I give it my all and for now this has to be enough. Thank you for letting your self be out there for us to share and get to know better. Love Dawn xx

    1. Yes, I could not agree with you more... it is a battle, with "feeling" guilt.
      A battle with myself...
      It will surface from time to time... but I manage through it.
      Or, I get to the point where I see myself suffocating... that all is lost & taken for granted.
      My gifts of talents are anything but noticed and I am not taken seriously enough.
      Yes, I love art, "Art Heals" and I will dig real deep inside of me to create something for me, which makes me "feel" real good. :]
      I also know, I do not need to feel ashamed or guilty because I wish to start a small fund for my art supplies.
      So, creating income to purchase art materials to create more is a big goal of mine. :]

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, heartfelt indeed! ~xx

  4. You must have plucked these thoughts out of my head. I'm a relatively new art explorer and think like this constantly - fluttering around the edges of 'what' to do, 'why' to do it, 'how' to make $$ (or do I even want to make $$ from it?) I love teaching but don't feel like I have enough art experience or depth to do so. So, each day I get up with my head spinning with artful, creative thoughts that I try to hold onto as I go through my work day, come home tired and ready to be a couch potato.

    I find great support and inspiration from my blogging buddies. I cherish their input and feedback; I adapt their ideas and use their creativity to spur me on when I'm feeling deserted by my muse. I also find myself feeling guilty if I go a few days or week without blogging. Silly. I'm also joining in Carolyn's inspirational class Use Your Words and loving it for the encouragement I find there.

    All this is to say - keep going, keep creating, and please keep sharing. I love reading your blog and seeing your work. You sent me my first zine, which I still treasure as I treasure you.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Terrie... pure at heart indeed! :]
      It is wonderful to read, how much you treasure the artist-zine I sent you, this means a lot to me. ~xx

      I just had to put my thoughts out there...
      I know I am not alone, yet not everyone wishes or can share these feelings.
      It is hard to face the 'truth" of the matter in hand, honestly it is.
      I once had a classroom of students all hungry for art... this gave me all the inspiration I needed!
      Now, due to my illness... I do not walk into a room full of students, this has been hard fro me.
      Love all my Blogger Friends, almost feels like a tight, knit family. ~xx
      There are just those days... (sigh)
      I think more than play, in my art studio.

      ** love the workshop! typography play is fun! :] **

  5. Oh April, you've hit the nail on the head. This creative world is boundless, which can be exhilarating as well as exhausting. I want to reach out to more people but feel I don't have time to (properly) maintain new relationships. I want to learn but also need time to create. So every evening I have to ask myself "what does my soul Need to do?" Do I Need to create? Do I Need to be inspired? Do I Need to organize my space or Inbox so I can feel at peace? And I only do one of those things. Trying to fit it all in each night makes me scattered and frantic--not useful to anyone. Hope you find your balance each day and continue to share your beauty with us, however you can. xx

    1. Hello!
      Aww... thank you Lorinda. ~xx
      I will take your loving words to heart, thank you taking the time to add your thoughts. :]

  6. Beautiful and thoughtful post April. I have been having similar thoughts specially about wasting time. I am not supported by my husband in my artistic endeavours, he never takes notice or comments on my creations...Thinks I should be out working in a 'real' job. Money is not the issue, he just doesn't get it!!XX

    1. Hello Clare :]
      I agree, there are those who do not see or think, creating art is a really anything... that is just a "hobby".
      Our talents are worthy and should be honored, always. ~xx
      I personally, just want to be able wake up each day with a purpose, a purpose to all this...

  7. I don't have time to read all the comments posted, but I do know that I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and more time doing art. I HAVE to do art. Pure and simple. When I need inspiration, I will indulge myself and go to YouTube. So many great ideas!!! I also just sign up for the workshop you mentioned!!! Sounds like something I'll really like!!! As far as you go, your art does make a difference in many people lives. It has helped me so much!!! Art Heals!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Karenann, no worries... honesty is the best policy ~xx
      I agree, less time on the computer will allow more time for "arting!" :]
      Thank you for your kind, loving words... will keep them close to my heart.
      Take care, my dear friend. <3

  8. Such an inspiring post, April. Thank you. I am sure we have all asked ourselves some of those questions.