Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Honor of Us All...

:: crown of creativity ::
our talents deserve praise.
we are the ruler of your own unique artistic abilities.
Show us your crown!
create something beautiful...
and that is just what we did, to bring in the New Year.
The doors are officially open to
The Studio
wish to join the group
::online "private" community:: 
Looking forward to seeing you in The Studio. 


  1. Love your crown! My crown is on one of my teeth....hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Aww... thanks!
      And, you are so darn funny! I LOVE IT! :]

  2. VERY cool! I have yet to make mine... hopefully it will actually happen :)

  3. Cute crown - thanks for the visit - and if you're thinking about joining me in Hanna's challenge of making 365 - remember than it can be anything...photos, face drawings, or whatever. I like the idea of 365, which may or may not be daily...just nudging me to make a 'body' of work. Hope you join in...

    1. Hello Terrie
      Thank you, it was fun to create my "crown of creativity"
      Thanks for the encouragement, I do love collage... just not sure yet.
      I am setting goals, and do not what to over extend myself. We will see :]
      Take care ~xx

  4. Such splendour - love those colours!