Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playing With Patterns

My Latest Obsession: CHEVRON PATTERNS

I got out my Speedball-Linoleum-Cutter a white vinyl pencil eraser and carved away!
Of coarse, you can use any vinyl eraser you wish and achieve the same results.
If you have a local dollar store near you, these vinyl erasers come in a pack.
If you are new to carving, then practicing on these are the way to go. 

My chevron stamp.  

This pattern inspires me...

makes me happy today!

 These tags were created for my "stash" of papers.
I downloaded the FREE chevron pattern from here
Honestly, it was one of those projects 
I never got around to finishing... until now!
My idea was to punch out tags and incorporate them into my art journaling. 
Glad I decided to un-hoard and put the paper to good use. 

What pattern inspires you, makes you happy today?