Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Story On Paper...

** Collage Effect **

It is merely an extinction.

As I go through all of the paper ... it ceases to amaze me, on all that I have collected.
 Why...What is this for...What was I thinking...?
comes to mind. 
The bits of scraps, labels, torn tissue... all at one time or another,inspired me to create.
Create something spectacular, one day!
And, that is how it started... I gathered, collected, and begun to hoard.
Those ideas have become extinct.
New inspiration fills my mind making room for an evolution.
A new journal. Pages filled with collage work. 

Not stacks of meaningless paper anymore.
 This is inspirational... this fills my artistic heart with happiness! 


  1. Collage is a great way to tell stories! Valerie

    1. Hello Valerie
      Yes, I agree... have fun and enjoy your visit! ~xx

  2. And beautiful collages they are, April! We aren't hoarders, we just see the beauty and possibility in "one man's trash". Think of yourself as a Master Recycle Artist (MRA - hey, I might have to put these letters at the end of my name! LOL), making the earth a better place by keeping these papers out of landfills. ;o) xoxox

    1. Hello Angelia
      Love it... Great way of stating this concept "MRA" :]
      You made my day!! ~xx

  3. I'm loving what you are creating! To be inspired and to be recyling - what great fun!
    Just wanted to let you know my package of papers have arrived and I love all the pieces - can't wait to create with them! Thanks so much for your generosity!

    1. Hello Beverley
      So glad to hear that... ENJOY!! ~xx
      Be happy, make art. :]

  4. AHA, but your extinction papers are fresh fodder for another artist. I got you envelope of your hoarding releases, and I am inspired. Anoher artist's goodies are always better than your own. I will make a smash collage from your leftovers later, but "thanx" for sharing your hoarding bounty!!! I also like the MRA in the post above. I will have to start using that!

    1. Awww... so wonderful to hear!! Glad I could inspire!
      Enjoy! ~xx
      I agree, we should all attach (MRA) to our name :]
      Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

  5. Isn't it amazing how our ideas and inspirations and interests change over time? I am forever putting sticky notes in books and magazines when ideas fire me up, but since I can't get to everything at once, some of those fires go out and new ones take their place!

    1. Hello Andria
      YES!! I could not agree with you more. All part of the creative process, I think. :]
      There is always an artful idea or project I wish to get a handle on, just finding the time to do more. (sigh)
      Take care. ~xx glad you stopped by.

  6. Such great inspiration - both your stash of paper & how you use it. J x