Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Painting With Scissors

 :: tribute to Henri Matisse ::

 In 1941, Henri underwent surgery, afterwards he was confined to a wheelchair.
He set out to create collages out of cutting colored paper, 
often on a large scale, called gouaches decoupes.
Henri Matisse called this technique "painting with scissors"
bringing color and geometry to a new medium of simplicity.

 I decided to create art journal cards.
A series called- famous styles of artists 
5" x 8" 
:: for trade ::
The cards are to be incorporated into your journal.
Once I receive a journal card, 
I will show you how I incorporate your card into my art journal.
Loads of pictures. Lots of fun!

Who wishes to trade with me? 
contact me

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Let's trade and have an artful good time, inspiring one another!