Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Journal Pages

I am in a happy place when... I start to see this take effect;

chunky, oversized papers, stuffed, spilling out,

 and can never seem to get it to close art journal is coming forth!
A new member. An addition to the others.

I work two ways in my journal.
* Apply directly to the journal pages. Gesso always.
(The paper is Fabriano)
* Create a spread on loose (Bristol) paper, then an adhesive 
(Golden Matte Medium) is applied to the paper in the journal.  

I have completed the exercises and journal prompts from reading 
If you are still on the fence with this book... I highly recommend it.
The author, Lisa  Sonora Beam, use of "visual" journaling as her 
focal point to get the message clear, is phenomenal.

Next, on my list of books to read over the summer...
and I can not wait!

I will also share with you cover to cover,
adding to my art journal, 
adding all and anything that inspires me, as I read through this book. 

How is your art journal coming along, so far?
Enjoy the process, always.