Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Hoard of Sorts

Self realization... I have accumulated, a collection of paper!

painted papers

magazines and brown paper bags

cereal boxes, vintage papers, printed clip art, stickers, 
junk mail, playing cards, coupon inserts, and corrugated cardboard.

I thought... 
"Are you kidding me, how much I am actually going to put to use here?"
Honestly, I have always had great intentions to 
make, create, and collage with this mass collection of paper. 
I realized... I have not!
I had to come to a decision. 
As we are getting closer to our big move, out of California, 
I can not see myself packing up all of this paper... do you? 
Either I get productive, or I will have to eliminate these piles 
of what a call, "creative clutter, waiting to be reborn!"

I've made a few decisions.
Create a collage journal. HOORAY!
I will use a vintage 1942, book which I have already altered the pages. 
In this journal I will go through my stacks of painted paper,clippings ... and create away!
Cut. Tear. Paste. Paint. Stamp. Doodle.
No rules, simply apply.
Here is a peek into the first few pages...
of what I have worked on today.

The other idea I had, was to stuff envelopes calling them-
"stash from my studio" 
to share with you!
send me your snail mail if you are interested.

Enjoy. The liberation of UN-hoarding.