Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beginning To End

Here we go.
Thought I would share with you how I get started with one of my paintings.

At this moment, I am having a really great time creating on 
compressed corrugated cardboard.
There are a few challenges along the way... 
and this is what makes painting on this material exciting to me!

Once I have painted the background.

I let it rest.

Give it time to tell me what direction I should go.
I can hear it "screaming" at me, which makes the process fairly easy.
I just go with the flow.
Then there are times, during the process
I do not feel anything or have little interest in the foundation of colors I have created. 

I let it rest.

Then it comes to me... the story starts to unfold 
as I sketch out my thoughts and add layer upon layer of paint.

This painting is at the beginning stages.
There is more to unfold, much to be discovered... a story that will be told. 

See with your heart. Feel with your soul. Paint with your hands.