Monday, July 30, 2012

Painting: She Is Crowned

Resting On My Easel

** An original mixed-media painting **
created on: compressed/corrugated cardboard

I started where I left off... gathering a collection of thoughts.
Letting the story unfold. 

It was very clear to me, she wanted to remain compassionate.
Yet... the words that needed to be spoken, could not to told without being stern. 

To have the beauty to speak freely...

To be in this position, is to be crowned, with its own crosses to bare. 

To lay silent, is not a choice! 

The crown.
 I must keep my crown, she wishes to tell.
As preciously made, as symbolic as it is, for all that it represents...
My feelings are valid.

See with your heart. Feel with your soul. Paint with your hands.