Monday, July 9, 2012

Have You Heard...

 Abandon Your Art!
You Can Do It.

There is over 4,500 artist 
who have joined this group on Facebook

Come join us at 

I decided to create several Art Zines for this project.
There will be a bookmark placed in the middle, 
with all the details of the Facebook group.

What fun...
these will be carefully placed in random places, wherever I go!

How about you?
want to abandon some art, join us... I promise it will be fun!

With temperatures reaching the triple digits,
I have not been able to paint much in my studio.
Acrylic paints, do not work well in this heat. 
I find them to "dry" quickly.
 Leaving me little, or no time, to manipulate and move the paint around.
Also, the heat, throws me into a Fibro. flare every time!
Causing inflammation, making every muscle in my body ache, and spasm. 
This makes me sad of coarse...
As I look into the room and hear the painting calling out to me!
I was able to get started, over the weekend, and the story is ready to be told.
It is just frustrating when you can not work on the piece.
I also, do not want to lose my direction towards it either. 
Will have to think about this one...
what do we do, to not lose sight of our work?
Any thoughts on this.

Tomorrow is a new day... and I am looking forward to it!!
Live well. Make art. Even if it is a scribble.