Thursday, October 20, 2011

Techniques With Tagging!

Like the sound of that?
I knew that would grab your attention...

Techniques used to create "artful" tags 

Zentangle Patterns

Bubble Blowing Painted Paper

Altered Deck of Playing Cards

Let's have some fun...!

Zentangle Tags


Bubble Painted Paper Background Tags


Altered Deck of Playing Card Tags


I would have to say...
that creating these tags was a bunch of fun!
I already had paper created from previous projects
* Zentangle Patterns *
* Bubble Painted Paper *

Helpful hint...
if you wish to save your artwork, print these patterns 
onto card stock.
Reuse again and again!

As for the deck of cards...
these took some work, but very worth it! 
I really like the way they came out. 

I will be putting these together in sets.
I think...
 these would be wonderful to use towards art journaling?
Oh, what the heck...!
 these tags can be used towards anything you wish 
to make "artsy".

Have a creative Thursday!


  1. Great tags! I'm still experimenting with the bubbles- haven't got it to work yet :(

  2. I love, love, love tags! I've been making gift tags for the past couple of weeks, and it's been one of my favorite parts of my craft show preparations. I love the tangled tags...I need to get back to my tangling!

  3. Shawn, sorry to hear that... we might have to go web-cam. You can see how I create these, how fun would that be?!! :] Glad you like the tags, thanks for stopping by. *hugs*

  4. I can feel your excitement, Andria! :]
    Love it too... tags add that extra... "something special" to just about anything!
    Thanks for visiting today. *hugs*

  5. Great tags. Love the idea with the playing cards, too! Valerie

  6. wow april, these tags are def the perfect addition to everything. diggin your zentangle design, i keep practicing. thank you much for sharing, you're such an awesome inspiration for all things creative!!! blest be :)

  7. What gorgeous tags! Especially love the zentangles!

  8. Love everything!!! I have a big set of playing cards and a tiny set to play with. I won't use them all, just a few. Have to play with the bubble stuff. Never did that. I have a bunch of zentangles. I think I'll cut them up and make tags of them!!! Where do you come up with such great ideas! You are a genius!

  9. Thank you ladies... glad you like the tags! :]
    Always trying to find ways to re-use my resources, then apply art to it! Also, I am always seeing flash cards and playing cards at: thrift stores, yard sales, and dollar stores. I wanted to think outside the box, and create something with these. There will be more to come...
    Can you imagine how pretty these would look on a gift?
    Or to someone you are sending 'mail art" to, sweet!!! :]