Thursday, October 20, 2011

Techniques With Tagging!

Like the sound of that?
I knew that would grab your attention...

Techniques used to create "artful" tags 

Zentangle Patterns

Bubble Blowing Painted Paper

Altered Deck of Playing Cards

Let's have some fun...!

Zentangle Tags


Bubble Painted Paper Background Tags


Altered Deck of Playing Card Tags


I would have to say...
that creating these tags was a bunch of fun!
I already had paper created from previous projects
* Zentangle Patterns *
* Bubble Painted Paper *

Helpful hint...
if you wish to save your artwork, print these patterns 
onto card stock.
Reuse again and again!

As for the deck of cards...
these took some work, but very worth it! 
I really like the way they came out. 

I will be putting these together in sets.
I think...
 these would be wonderful to use towards art journaling?
Oh, what the heck...!
 these tags can be used towards anything you wish 
to make "artsy".

Have a creative Thursday!