Monday, October 3, 2011

"Life is a bowl full of cherries!"

To an artist...
everything is possible.

In this case... life is a bowl full of 
polka-dots and swirls!!

I purchased these 
wooden bowls
at our local thrift store.

They were screaming at me, "TAKE US HOME!"
I swear, I heard them speak.

The bowls were worn and very beaten up.
Yet, something about the different shapes and sizes caught my fancy...
and sparked my imagination! 
That was it, confirmed the deal... 
 these bowls were headed straight to my art studio!

Over this weekend...
I had the chance to work on a few.

Thought I would share my work in progress...
Look at these, I am super excited!
 My decorative re-purposed wooden bowls

I had a wonderful time creating these
look forward to the others, waiting to be re-newed!
I think I'm hooked!

I will keep you posted on the progress of this project 
as it unfolds.
Exciting stuff is happening...
as I am moving forward in my artful journey!
Happy Monday!