Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating Mail Art- one postage at a time.

Spreading art love... it is an incredible movement!

What Does Art Mean To You?

Thought I'd share this inspiring video. 
It is simply amazing, on the different views people have on art and how it moves them!
Art is seen, felt, experienced, and enjoyed in countless ways. 
It is impossible to leave one out, or to not include them all.

Mail Art *
Look at this beautiful decorated box I received!
From my dear "artsy" friend
Vanessa Karin Johanning

The box itself... a work of art!

Such sweet and wonderful handmade artsy surprises!

Look at these beautiful altered tags
created by Vanessa.

And... this collage art journal Vanessa created for me!
Filled with inspirational prompts...
just waiting for me to fill!!

This box
 filled with love, friendship, and inspiration 
was delivered to me... 
Thank you

When was the last time you spread some "art love"?
Have a wonderful Saturday!