Monday, October 17, 2011

ATC Round of Applause

Let's give it up for...

And the artists who created these lovely ones, 
that ended up in my mailbox!

Victoria Resh
Theme: Industrial

Karla Jackson
Theme: Fall / Autumn 

I will admit...
I haven't been in the studio as much as I should be! 
I have been having so much fun 
becoming a "new" Grandmother.
My heart melts... every time I see him
and the time just slips away!!

But, I am getting back on board.
I will share with you the ATC's that I have been working on...

April Cole
Theme: Fall / Autumn

April Cole
Theme: Movie Monster

Thought I would create a
 POP-CORN bag/envelope for this ATC theme.

I also was looking into sites, for purchasing ATC supplies.
I came across this one

What I am searching for is:
ATC Storage 
 An ATC stamp card back
Envelopes or Sleeves 

If anyone has any recommendations, please comment!

I have also joined 

An incredible site where swappers can 
connect, get inspired, join oodles of swaps, 
share, and have loads of fun!!
Take a look for yourself, you might want to join.

Have a wonderful Monday!