Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday- What do you wish to take a break from?

I wish to take a break from...
the city
The fast pace of city life.
Crowed streets...
were everyone needs to get were they are going
A break from large crows.
No one waves or says hello...
and if it does not effect them, 
they will not bother to care.
That is life in the city... they say.
Because of the effect of not caring...
I get to see such things in our city
 that truly effect us all as a whole.

The litter bugs who do their job so well everyday!
or some of our beaches

laced with trash.
Such a shame!
I do my part.
Pick up what I can, when I see it.
With a population of close to 
4, 000, 000
in Los Angeles alone.
We could do a lot more.
It is very hard for me to find peace with the city life.
I wish to be nestled in the woods
where silence surrounds me.
I place where I can create peace from within.
Where I see more land & sea than buildings.

To inspire my creative side.
Where all is respected
On all levels of life.
There is room for growth.
A place stress free...
a place for my soul to rest.