Monday, June 20, 2011

Studio Updates-

Monday Madness...
- Thrifting - Altering Old Book - Creating - Book Order - Crafting -
Over the weekend I was busy...
thrift shopping, yard sale searching, creating artful crafts, 
purchased a few magazines/with a coupon,
received a book order form amazon.
Productive weekend indeed!

Let's get started...
Found these books at a yard sale
for free!
They just wanted to get rid of them, imagine that!
Rummaging through the thrift store, 
which is always super fun!
I came across these straw wreaths .25 each
These definitely can home with me.

found some muslin, cotton linen, and 
this beautiful black/white printed fabric.

I've got some great crafting ideas for all these treasures
stay tuned...
I recreated this project
Vintage Book Expanding File

old readers digest book
pocket size expanding file
decorative tape
tacky glue
acrylic paints
bubble wrap ( layering & texture)
plastic I.D. pocket & a tag
I created this wreath.

Added this adorable wire heart that I created.
Thought it added a touch of sweetness! 
Books & Magazines... 
how I simply adore them all !
I could swallow them up by the mouth full.

Happy Monday!
What is on your plate for the week ahead?