Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nifty-Thrifty Tuesday

First I need to
I did not post on Monday.
Matter of fact...
I stayed in bed, curtains closed, 
asked for everyone to be as quiet as possible,
turned my phone off, put my laptop off to the side,
and begged for mercy from God...
please make this
 M I G R A I N E!!!
go away.

I am not 100% better.
Compared to yesterday, I'm on my way.
 onto something more uplifting and inspiring.
How about another Nifty-Thrifty project?

You can create your very own
Artsy House
Sounds like fun?
then lets get started...

You can use any size milk carton.
I happen to have a creamer carton handy.
I've even thought about using the small lunch milk cartons
and creating a mobile.
(this would look adorable)

I created a mixture of liquid starch and water.
Cut strips of newspaper.
Dip newspaper into mixer and apply to milk carton.
Let dry!

Next you will want to apply:
acrylic paint
vintage or scrap paper
Mod Podge
(no rules to being creative, add what you wish)


Artsy House
Enjoy yourself a nifty-thrifty day!