Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Picket Fences- Altered Cardboard Project

White picket fences...
were all around my neighborhood where I grew up.
A Sunday chore, for the boys on the block,
would be to help paint the fence; along aside with their Dad.
you knew if someone was in trouble...
they were painting the whole fence all by themselves!!
My Grandpa grew "sweet peas" 
a long side his white picket fence.

I couldn't imagine any other name for these peas...
could you?
They are simply sweet!
"sweet peas"
The question was brought to my attention...
Do you wish for a fence around our new home?
a white picket fence!
It holds such simply, sweet memories.
To me they say...
"welcome home"
kick your shoes off, and stay awhile...

Altered Book Project

page 12

I really got playful...
created a dollhouse page.
explore art through child-like eyes!
Happy Thursday