Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Book Into New Treasure

Old Books...
a treasure for a mixed-media artist.
The possibilities...
What to do with such treasures...?
The obsolete manuals,
the 3-ring recipe books,
all the damaged & badly abused books,
those which survived the toddler years...
all the unwanted books piled in the corner of the thrift store...
begging to come home, seeking a shelf to rest on.
I decided to remove the hard cover from an old book.
Then save the pages for other art projects down the road.
(the pages make for excellent collage artwork)
created by
April Cole

book cover
old book pages
acrylic paints
printed napkin
1-paper feather
(tutorial for Hymn Page Feathers)

There are many great ideas on what to do with
 these old book treasures.
Enjoy exploring & creating...
Happy Tuesday!