Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

It's madness... I tell you!

I saw these at Michael's Craft Store.
Of coarse, The Queen of Crafts, Martha Stewart 
had these in her product line of party decorations. 
"I thought... I can make these, how wonderful to have them for the baby shower!"

To be honest... these were easy and fun to make.
They look fantastic!!
I altered the project to fit my needs 
the art supplies I had already available at hand.
I think you can be flexible with this project.

If you are interested in creating these 
Tissue Paper floral Pom-Poms
I have provided you with the link.

I  painted paper, to create a flag banner.
Still need to cut and create.
The funniest thing happened...
while I was having these painted papers drying on a line.
Our Son's puppy decided that the ball of string was a toy...
and it ended up 
It looked like silly string... everywhere.
I should have taken a picture, but I had other things on my mind at the time.
You could imagine!!
With paint cans open, paper available, and brush in hand...
I took advantage of the opportunity
created a few 
painted paper-background sheets

Colors are similar, I'm okay with that.
These sheets with be cut-up and used for different projects.
Future ATC's
Postcard Swaps
Altered Rolodex Cards
I was so thrilled... to sneak in a little play-time with the paints!!

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Love your beautiful decorations, and the speckly background papers, too! I bet that dog enjoyed hos chase! Valerie

  2. HA, HAA, HAAA... yes it was quite a chase, Valerie! :]
    Thanks, I like the way these decorations came out too.
    When a breeze hits them, simply sweet <3

  3. I just love paper pom poms and they are easy to store in a closet too for future parties once this one is all taken down!

  4. perfect for a baby shower, but my dog would be scared to death of them and hang out under the sofa until they were gone. You should see her with helium balloons; maybe it's because she is so short. have a great shower!

  5. Great flowers and perfect for a shower!

  6. I love tissue paper pom poms! I have some in my Guest Room...just for fun!

  7. The tissue paper pom poms look GREAT...what a fantastic room decoration. I love that you are able to keep your cool in the midst of the craziness....dog running all over the yard...and still create new background papers for future projects. You go, Girl!