Saturday, August 6, 2011

Altered Rolodex Cards- Project

a wheel of art in your creative space ready to inspire you.

 may have become rather a 
"thing of the past"
for their original purpose...
they can offer an excellent way to display tiny pieces of art!
I believe...
these tiny rolodex cards
are the next best thing to ATC's.

Altered Rolodex Card Project
The process begins...
 During this project I will alter a rolodex card.
Each card will be "artfully" created.
(front and back)
Mixed-media will be applied to these cards.
(no rules, just exploring, experimenting, and having a tons of fun!)
The Rolodex Swap
join in anytime / leave a comment or email 

Enjoy the journey...
as I unfold this artful creation step by step.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. AWESOME april, you're altered rolodex cards are terrific...i sent my 2 swaps to you today! blest be :)

  2. What a. great idea....I have seen tons of rollodex at yard I want one!!!

  3. Thanks Donna!
    Yes, you should get one next time your out and about, yard sale shopping! This way we can swap an altered rolodex card :]