Monday, August 8, 2011

Studio Update- Telling it like it is...

That is okay to state... right?
Life is not perfect
sometimes it can be
down-right unbearable!!
If I am going to be honest with my posts, my readers, and myself...
then I am going to be truthful.

I am well up to my knees in
 paint, paper, craft materials, swaps, 
party planning, remolding our bathroom, and packing for a trip...
I love my art, thank goodness I have something to escape to.
Art therapy indeed!!
but, not this week
My daughter is having her baby shower this Saturday
and you guessed it...
I am making all the decorations!
Easy task, no.
Seeming that no one else has any artistic abilities, 
this creates a full plate for me.
I bring this up, because I do not like to be rushed into being creative, 
or to feel overwhelmed at making art.
I feel as if I am being suffocated!!
Takes the whole concept of playtime of being creative, 
making art... away from me.
I know this shall pass...
I will get through this...
Yet, I felt this needed to be stated.
This is what is going on right now.
Real life.
Dust everywhere in my house...
bathroom remodeling is taking longer than planned!
My art studio, what a mess...
The dinning room table, not for eating purposes at this time...
clothes being pulled out of the closet to pack for road trip.
Don't want to forget art supplies, for the trip, that is a must!!
Party supplies, candy dishes, gift bags, and more, covering my 
kitchen counter spaces.
no pretty pictures, just the real deal...
a messy house!!
I have managed to create a few artful pieces
on a smaller scale...
to keep me sane!!


These are the backs of the ATC's I posted last week.
These ATC's all having loving homes to be mailed off to today!

Altered Rolodex Cards



*Please accept my apologies, 
posts are later in the day, due to life's little challenges.
I am hopping to get back on track
Till then...
come back and visit my blog later in the day.
Have a wonderful Monday!