Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Teasers

It sounds good right...?
Thought I'd throw you all, a few little teasers...
items that excite me, ideas on projects, progress in my garden, and upcoming plans!

If you got an iPhone and you adore books...
than this is the case you have been waiting for.

Back in Spring...
I had talked about planting a small garden, due to our plans on moving.
We are still moving, just not as fast as planned.
So I am thrilled to say...
"I've got vegetables growing!"

I cannot wait until harvest time!

Remember the post on Saturday...
on those little metal containers 
I purchased at the thrift store?
I got to thinking...
and then the creating part took over!

I purchased these 
artist palettes 
that go perfect with my idea of creating these into -
On the Go

The exciting part...
I will be putting these up
for sale!!

Happy Tuesday.