Monday, July 15, 2013

around here...

:: welcome home ::
 :: we made it happen ::
Our huge move out of state!
It wasn't easy... and Southern California made sure, we would never forget her! 
We packed the moving truck for 4 days straight; early morning till late into the night.
We were seeing triple-digit temperatures all the way through, as California was experiencing a "heat-wave".

We hit the road...
a moving truck, 2 vehicles, Hubby's Harley Davidson, my race bike, 2 windmills, 
the family dog, and my parrot "mojo". 
We drove 3 days / 1,500 + miles to get to Washington State.
We unloaded the truck that night,for the rental was due the following morning. 
We have been non-stop unpacking box after box... trying to settle in.

We have been here a little over a week now.
Went to the DMV registered our vehicles and applied for our new driver licenses.
Got the phone line, cable TV, and internet installed just this weekend.
** Ive been warned about "Island time!" **
this will take some getting use to.
I got to spending a little time with my nature journal.
The weather is great... so I am enjoying the outdoors 
in-between unpacking, settling in, and making this our "happy nest". 
:: it is wonderful to be back, I missed you all ::