Monday, June 24, 2013

Big News...

:: welcome ::
To our one-story home built in 1978, on Race Lagoon. 
The road in... 
5+ private acres abounding in sunshine!
A detached three-car garage / shop area with wood stove. 
Our backyard view. 
Access one of two decks from the dining room as well as the master bedroom. 

 ** photos down below**
 were taken while owner still had opposition of the property.
I still wanted to share with you a 
:: peek-inside ::
There is plenty of upgrading to be done here... 
yet we feel this will allow us 
to create our own "personal touch", to make it our "happy" home.
Oversized living room.
Formal dining room. 
Family dining area with wood stove, right off the kitchen.
Master bedroom with private bathroom and walk-in closet.
:: incase you did not know ::
We are moving out of Southern California and moving to Whidbey Island. 

We are both excited and more than ever 
" thrilled beyond belief!! " 
to get started on a new chapter of our life that will involve a simpler lifestyle. 
Although, California has been good to me, it is time to turn the page...
we both long for fresh air, space, walks along the beach, bike rides, 
to grow our own fruits & vegetables, the four seasons, and much more. 
 While this adventure is very exciting, 
it hasn't been without a few struggles and challenges along the way-
 leaving the people you love, the things that create comfort, 
and the most familiar neighborhoods you grew up in, is not easy- 
it can be downright scary!
There will be a transition leaving California... 
say my goodbyes, make sure I have everyone's mailing address, 
and wish our long time neighbors' the very best... 
yes, there will be a few tears shed. 

:: this is our finally week ::

My husband had to break the news to me today, telling me...
my easel, draft table, and computer station 
will have to be dismantled and ready for the moving truck!
In the weeks and month to come, I will be sharing more details and photos of-
 our road trip, new home, and my new art studio.
 I will try and post as time permits, due to the circumstances tho
I have to allow myself permission for TIME OUT. 

:: love you all ::