Wednesday, July 31, 2013

background techniques

:: book swap :: 
Hosted by Kim Beinschroth at It is free to join the group.
This swap particularly struck my interest, due to the fact, it involved background techniques. Each artist volunteered a background technique to share and was required to create 21 pages; which in return will be bound into a book, and sent back to the (artist) participates in the swap. 
** FANTASTIC** I can not wait to receive mine!!! I will defiantly share photos, once I receive mine back from the swap. All bound together, a collaboration of all original techniques created by very talented artist's from all over the world!
For now... here is my contribution to this, what I consider, an **incredible** swap.  
My technique was to create textures with a masking tape overlay and layers of acrylic paint were apply to achieve a visual balance of rhythm.