Wednesday, July 24, 2013

News from The Studio - artist community

:: Traveling Canvas PROJECT 2013 ::
I decided to host a project with the idea of having a canvas travel to a variety of artist's,
to have them collaborate their skills and talents into one piece of artwork.  

This project was released July 1st.
Each artist started with a blank canvas which was to be prepped before travel.
Artists were given an signed route and in the mailbox they went. 
These canvases are traveling all over the world...
each person is adding their own unique "artistic" touch to the piece 
and sending it on its way to the next person on the list.
Talk about "INSPIRING!!"  

:: traveling my way ::
my add-ons.
my add-ons.

This project is a complete "success!" 
We are all having an incredible time... excited and waiting for the next canvas to arrive.
 The group is committed; honoring the project, being supportive, 
and connecting on levels that touch each soul "deeply".