Monday, February 18, 2013

Studio Update

:: reclaim creativity ::
 born creative.
As children, we revel in imaginary play, ask outlandish questions, finger paint, scribble, and draw stick figures calling it artwork. 
We are so proud of what we have created without judgment or criticism... 
But over time, because of socialization and formal education, a lot of us start to stifle those impulses. 
We learn to be warier of judgment, more cautious, more analytical. 
This is where fear comes into play and inspiration is tossed out the wind. 
We are consumed with everyday living, deadlines, and the act of involvement; which becomes our cycle.
Family. Personal relationships. Work. Bills. Appointments. Life gets in the way, always. 

Questions start to surface... for me.
Am I wasting my time ?
Does creating anything artful make a difference ?
Does what a produce create any value to others ?  
Why should I "feel" guilty for wanting to sell my work ?
Who will want what I create ?
Will I ever be taken seriously as an artist ?
I love to teach art and dream of pursuing this online, can I ?
What is holding me back ? 
Above all... How can I keep from losing my creativity ?

I know, I know... I do it for the "LOVE OF ART!"
Yes, this is true. 
It has been my calling. A familiar feeling  "deep in my soul" I have had it all my life. 
I have had the opportunity to met some wonderful creative people, like myself, through the internet. 
My "artful" journey has been incredible thus this far... 
Building close relationships, sharing common interests, and offering artful pieces to one another - as an "expression" on my love towards others and art. 

This answers my question, " does creating art make a difference".
Here is a great example, of what started out as followers/readers of each other and our Blogs, now is an incredible friendship.
Debbie Combs - at created this incredible video featuring me, for her Facebook group - The Enchanted Imaginarium.
I so badly, wished to share it with you, today on this post! 
** would not download to Blogger, sorry. Facebook settings did not give permission.
I do want to send out a "HUGE" THANK YOU... with all my heart to you Debbie!! ~xx 

I also, have been offered the opportunity to participate in a few online e-courses! 
As a student, which I am always eager to learn... how other artists' play in their own backyard. It is very inspiring to engage with art using different styles and techniques taught by other creative people. 

:: HUGE BONUS :: this does help answer the question, "how will I stay inspired".

Online Art Class / Instructor Denni Mulligan - Angels in the Architecture

Art Workshop / Instructor Carolyn Dube - Use Your Words

During the time of taking these courses, I can not be everywhere at once.
This is just the reality of it all.
Honestly... it is difficult as times to be online, posting, editing photos, answering emails  etc. just with my day to day illness. I give it my all, truly I do... 
only to find some not as engaged towards efforts. (( sigh )) 
This causes me to feel that I am spreading myself too thin... when in reality, all I really wish to do is play, explore, and try new things. 
To share my process and experience with my readers. 
I must respect my time and space. 
My thoughts and feelings towards this subject are valid. 
With with in mind, I have decided to focus a little more art and being productive. 
Why I am sharing all of this with you? 
Perhaps I am not alone? 
There are others who feel this same way? Is is possible? 

I leave you with this thought... 
when I post on my Blog, share my art, my life, 
go to my art table to create, bring my inspiration to life;  
I am here whole-heartedly 
bring this to the table each time. 
I have a purpose. I have meaning.