Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Talk Entrepreneur

It is good to be back.

If you have a look around my blog, there are a few changes.

At the top there are tabs. 
Please, have a look around. Enjoy. 
 My "original" paintings of the 29 Faces Series 2012, are there.
Say "hello" to all the lovely ladies, they sure would love your company! 

I will also be creating a list of " Art Supplies Q and A "
Feel free to ask me any questions on the topic.
This page is for 
I what this to be a go to place...
where you can find answers to 
applying art materials, pros and cons on art products, tricks of the trade, etc.
As creative people
we all have valuable information on this subject, my question is... why not share?

Over to your left... you will find
29 Faces Collage 
Greeting Cards
available to purchase.
These were such a big hit!
I just know you will be very happy with them.
The postcards are awesome!

If you still wish to make a donation towards 
 29 Faces Collage / handmade card
Email me

** I am limited **

"Let's talk entrepreneur."
As I mentioned, in my previous post, I will be exploring 3 books over the summer.
Topic: Summer Reading 
I will be incorporating each one of these books;
into my daily posts, art journaling, 
paintings, post my thoughts, AHA moments, etc.
cover to cover  
I do hope you will be joining me! 

This is the first one

Being a "creative" entrepreneur in on the top of my list.
How about you? 

(journal page)

Touches on the subject of creating a "visual" journal.
I am all about "visual!" 
We are off to a good start...

Lisa Sonora explains how, creatives tend to be visual.
We respond and engage in a personal, meaningful way.
 Last, visual journaling is a great way to gain insight. 

Thriving, Not Surviving
It is just not fair... I work hard on my paintings!
My artwork must not be  good enough.
Only I think I am an artist.
I must be dreaming... to think I can make an income painting all day. 

It is okay!
We all have thought this way, at one time or another. 
Or, we are still struggling with these thoughts.

Being an artist, creating the artwork or craft, that is a skill in itself.
To sell what you create, that takes running your own business.
That is a whole different ballgame! 
Two different lines of work. 
It has nothing to do with how well you painted that piece, you are a fantastic artist!!
What we need to do is, better understand how to market ourself;
become a "Creative Entrepreneur."
Makes sense, right? 

Happy reading, enjoy your Monday!