Monday, June 18, 2012

Journal Spread - Chapter 2

** Empowered to Flower **
creative entrepreneur mandala

 Chapter 2
The author suggests we create and explore using a mandala for this exercise.
The mandala consists of four intersecting pathways
that form a flower shape.

The goal is to find the overlapping center of the four pathways, 
and to arrive at the "sweet spot", which represents your business. 

This visual exercise provides awareness, clarity and continuous reflection upon; 
where you are at with your plans, setting goals, and for future refinement. 

There is a number of journaling prompts and exercises to complete.
This pocket I created is to place all my notes, 
prompts, and any brainstorming ideas that are ahead!  

Page after page of examplesbeautiful photos, and endless ideas 
on how-to go about creating your very own flower mandala.

I am finding this chapter to be very helpful. 
As being a creative person, "visual" is a fantastic way 
to better understanding any subject!

 Happy Reading. Enjoy your Monday!