Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grateful with Gratitude...

A studio update.
I can not thank you all enough for all the
that has been given to me over these past few days!
Feeling gratitude towards all of you...

The 29 Faces Collage 
Handmade Cards 
Has been a huge success!
journal page - 29 Faces In May 


The donations have been pouring in, you all are amazing!
Truly you are.
**please note**
Cards will be mailed out starting this 
Friday, June 8, 2012.
(thank you for your patience)

 Creating goodies to send along...

to all my friends who have donated.

I am feeling grateful for...
Our Friendship
By visiting our blog sites, we become followers...
 reading posts, leaving comments; the written word of encouragement!
All along we are creating a belief system, that all things are possible. 
A bond, a trust... a friendship!

You all have given me meaning, a purpose, brought value to my days...
to go into my art studio and make art. 

You make a difference 
Due to my health issues, 
not all days, I am feeling up to painting or creating something artful. 
 Through your support and encouragement...
you help make this possible each and every day, thank you!
Happy Wednesday!