Monday, December 6, 2021

The Aha Moment…

After countless “ugly” painted pages,
forcing myself to paint “loose”
 and working outside my comfort zone… 
It happened. 
Grabbed ahold of several colored-soft-pencils,
sketched a subject I thought was delightful,
and began to paint. 
Paint, play, feel free, and relax. 
Mentoring that inner voice… 
“Doesn’t have to be perfect.” 
“Just play and relax your movements.”
“Not everything about the subject needs details.”
“Be suggestive.”  
The AHA moment arrived!!
Such pure joy and excitement 
about painting this page occurred. 
It might not be the most amazing “still life” painting anyone has laid their eyes on… I agree. 
What makes this painting amazing? 
It holds my AHA moment. 
It symbolizes “trusting the process”. 
However looooong it takes. It will come. 

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