Saturday, December 18, 2021

Ho Ho Ho

 Santa has arrived!!
Well, in craft form anyways. 

Our Holiday Program is in full swing for 

my grade-school kiddos. 

Excitement fills the classroom… 

as many know it is ONLY a short time before 

Santa arrives to fulfill their Christmas wishes. 

Kiddos were very eager to dive right into 
the art project, crafting a Santa. 
Many giggles surrounded the art table… 
Once kiddos started gluing down their handprints 
for Santa’s beard!

What a magical time. 

After writing/structuring a curriculum 
that implements a “theme” like this one. 
I go back and organizing (in thoughts) 
“how” this will be orchestrated in the classroom. 
In my mind… 
I might be thinking, “this is an amazing program!” 
Yet, it MUST contain a continuous flow of activities 
with open ended projects, and minimal prep/cleanup. 
A lot of “behind the scenes” takes place 
before the program is finalized. 
There are some projects/activities that just don’t make it. Budget plays a HUGE factor in this decision.
Adequate staff.
Time limitations. 
These are just a few, to give you a general idea. 

At the end of the day… 
A “successful” program is the greatest reward!!

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