Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tidbits of my day...

:: my tiny portions of collage ::
Still out of sorts from the flare-up, but I am making my way back.
This is when I feel most comfortable creating on a smaller scale. 
Creating a few smaller piece from my stash of scraps... always gets me back on track. 
My personal "get-well" therapy. 
I know...
we all have torn book pages piled, somewhere in our art space.
 What do I like to do with my old book pages?
Splash watercolor and inks onto them.
This add a personal touch, when creating collage elements. 
Great "tip-in" page for an art journal too! 
It is the simple steps forward... that lift us up and out from going under. 


  1. So glad you are beginning to feel a bit better, April. I love your collaged cards. They look wonderful, and your pages are just yummy! J x

  2. It is true, April, we just need to look in the scrap box and start playing to get the ceative juices flowing. I really like the splashes of paint on those book pages; just delicious.

  3. I prefer working small too. LOVE your scrap collages, April, especially the queen.

  4. Your little collages are wonderful. Hope you are soon back 'on top'. Thanks for your hugs and good wishes! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Great ideas!!! Hope you start to feel better soon! Hugs!

  6. I like the little collages...and they're such fun to create. Also thanks for the tip about splashing some watercolors on all those book pages.

  7. So, so glad to hear you're starting to feel better and are creating beauty however you can/need. Lovely collages! xx